FAQ About Gift Certificates

How To Join The Program

You do not have to be in the program to accept BnBFinder Gift Certificates (but being in the program means many more guests with gift certificates will consider your inn). To join the program login to your account and under your inn name click How to Join Gift Certificate Program. If your inn is not in our system please call us at 212-480-0414 or send us an email at info@BnBFinder.com for redemption instructions.

What Do I Do When A Guest Makes A Reservation Using a Gift Certificate?

Ask the guest for the order and certificate number when taking the reservation. Verify the remaining balance on certificates by visiting www.BnBFinder.com/LookUp. Treat the reservation as you would any other reservation including deposit, minimum stay and cancellation policies.

The gift certificates are simply a credit towards the guest's bill. If the total bill is $225 and the guest has a certificate for $100 - they pay you $125 and we send you a check for $85.

To Redeem Gift Certificates:

  • Click Here to login to your BnBFinder.com account and select Gift Certificate Redemption. If you are not a member of BnBFinder.com call us at 212-480-0414.
  • To verify certificates before a guest's stay or for redemption simply enter the order and certificate numbers and our system will automatically check the certificate's validity and remaining balance. A check or direct deposit will be sent to you for fast reimbursement.

How Long Does It Take To Get Paid?

On the next business day after you enter the certificates for redemption we will email you letting you know your check is in the mail or that a direct deposit has been made. Checks come directly from our bank, drawn on our main account Internet Information Delivery Corp, in an envelope marked Online Bill Payment from account BnBFinder Gift Cert and direct deposits are credited as Internet Information Delivery Corp.

How Do I Look Up The Remaining Balance On Certificates?

Visit www.BnBFinder.com/LookUp to verify outstanding certificate balance.

What Do BnBFinder Gift Certificates Look Like?

To see a sample certificate Click Here to login to your BnBFinder account. Click Gift Certificate Redemption Info in the upper right hand corner and follow the links to see sample certificates and redemption information.

Still Have Questions?

Call us at 212-480-0414 or email us at info@BnBFinder.com. Our office hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 5:30pm EST. For after hours support, email us at info@BnBFinder.com.