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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

In the spirit of Halloween, Americans seeking a brush with the supernatural can visit several haunted bed and breakfasts. Some entities will appear to visitors while others will make their presence known by creating unexplained noises throughout the inns. At this time of year we get several requests for haunted inns so we thought we’d highlight a few:

The Groveland Hotel at Yosemite National Park in California

The Groveland Hotel at Yosemite National Park in California says that they have an extra guest all the time. Lyle, who they describe as “a loner and a kindly old gentleman,” resides in room 15 at all times. It is said that Lyle came to the Groveland Hotel during the 1920′s as a gold panner. He liked it so much that after he passed away in 1927, he decided to stay for good.

Guests say that Lyle moves their belongings from the dresser to any other place available. The staff at the hotel noted that Lyle must really dislike women’s cosmetics because those are the items most frequently displaced. The staff also surmises that Lyle was very meticulous about his hygiene, as he frequently turns the faucet on and off, even while guests are there. They say that he isn’t too shy about showing up.

Homespun Farm Bed and Breakfast, Griswold, Connecticut

The innkeepers have both experienced the same “feeling” and vision while outside working the orchard and blueberries. A guest staying at the inn has confirmed the ghost story. The innkeepers described the man in their visions to the guest who is a relative of the Brewsters, who owned the property before them. After they described him the guest showed them pictures of Simon, one of the original owners of the 260 year old home. It was him! Now the innkeepers refer to him as Old Man Simon.

The innkeepers at Homespun Farm are not the only people who have encountered Old Man Simon. They have had guests and their own children hear footsteps at night. Surprisingly, no one has ever been frightened there. Everyone agrees that it is a comforting spirit.

The Terrace Inn, Petoskey, Michigan

The Terrace Inn is known for 2 ghosts/spirits that have been seen and/or heard by guests and employees at various times throughout the years. According to the reports it is a man and a woman who were married in the early 1900′s . The woman is seen in a white dress and is heard pacing the 2nd and 3rd floor halls. She is also seen in 2 particular rooms at the end of the hall. The male ghost has on a suit with a hat and always is seen on the veranda, even during the winter. Although mostly all you hear is footsteps, some guests have actually heard a woman’s voice. The most recent occurrence took place last February when a guest heard a woman speaking, using old-fashioned terms that would not be heard in this day and age.

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