If youíve got itchy feet and you want to discover a new European place, why not choose Germany? With tons of bed and breakfasts to choose from, Germany has a fascinating historical past, an exciting present, and an interesting future. From Berlin to Munich, Germany abounds with tradition and picturesque landscapes. Berlin, edgy and vibrant, is a sublime capital in a constant state of reinvention. Munich, on the other hand, perches atop Bavaria, the center of national traditions. Discover Saxony and its rich history, castles, fortresses and countless museums. What's more - Saxony means classical music, jazz, folk and pop. Itís home to Bach, Mendelssohn, Schumann and Wagner, which is why itís a jewel in the musical landscape of Germany. Donít forget to check Germanyís world famous beer. The countryís cities boast the best pubs and clubs. Discover the important role that beer and brewing played in European history and have a good time (with great people) along the way. Enjoy the outdoors Ė from skiing Alpine peaks to hiking carefully preserved forests.
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