Are you gearing up to explore one of the most popular destinations in the world? Why not Brazil? Your trip to Brazil is sure to be unforgettable and filled with memories to last a lifetime. Corcovado Hill in Rio de Janeiro is definitely one of the most special places to visit in Brazil due to its breathtaking view of the city. The statue of Jesus is 38 meters high and cannot be missed! Along with the statue, Brazil is known all over the world for its annual carnival. This feast is definitely worth the experience because you can take part in an adventure full of fabulous customs, music, and spirit that cannot be expressed in words. Being there is just unforgettable! Iguaçu Falls, located between Brazil and Argentina, is also a Brazilian destination that cannot be missed. The combination of the falls’ horseshoe shape, height, and flow, as well as the surrounding nature, make the falls an attraction worth seeing. Next stop is Copacabana, a four kilometer beach in Rio de Janeiro. Copacabana is for anyone who craves a pleasant vacation with sun, water, and even water sports. In addition, historical forests are located on the two ends of the beach. Another marvelous place is the symbol of Brazil – the Cathedral of Brasilia, with sixteen concrete pillars and a roof made of glass and open to the sky. With so much to offer, Brazil is the clear choice for your next vacation!
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